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Perc+Anemone Minimalist Tank


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It's been a while since I've been on since I gave up my tank once we had our newborn...


But, I've been obsessing lately about starting up again with a minimalist tank. I'm hoping for some recommendations on starting a small rimless cube with a single premium picasso and an anemone. What do you guys think in terms of the smallest possible tank I could get to successfully raise this scenario? Any full box recommendations?



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research the anemone you are thinking of buying and get the smallest tank possible for that anemone. That's what i would do. And if you think you can keep perfect water conditions then maybe you can even take away like 5 gallons

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i have the perfect tank for you, Its a 20g cube tank with filtration in tank behind a false wall.

im selling it on the board. You could do a 6g nano cube but the only problem with that is the high level of attention it would take to maintain the water quality. 20g would be perfect not having to worry about levels fluctuating crazy

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