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Media reactors and how you run them


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Hey guys, I have a question for those of you currently running media reactors.


Do you have one reactor with stacked GFO/GAC or do you run one reactor for each type of media?

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best to run one media in one reactor. different media require different flow rates through them. mixing media in a reactor will either over tumble some or under tumble another.


also mixing 2 medias together might turn one into dust as they grind and tumble against one another

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I run mine in seperate reactors sine GFO and carbon have both different useful lifespans and different flow requirements. I use one MJ400 powerhead branched off via a tee to two different Phosban reactors each with its own ball valve to regulate flows.

In my nano tanks I run the media in mesh bags as a reactor is overkill for a teaspoon or two of media. Place the bag in a medium flow area and replace as necessary.

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