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Jamjam's 9.5 Gallon Yasha Tank


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Hey Guys!


After reading your threads the last few weeks, decided I'd better show you my new 9.5 Gallon (36 Litre) Aquamedic Yasha tank. Its currently a bit over 2 weeks through cycling and I'm seeing some pretty festy looking alagae / diatom growth (at least I hope thats all it is).


Pretty sure Ive seen a few of these tanks floating around on this site but for those who are unfamiliar this setup, it comes with Tank (duh :happy: ), Protein Skimmer, Powerhead and LED Lighting.


Tank Dimensions (in cm) 30 L x 40 W x 30 H.

Skimmer - Aquamedic Turboflotor Blue 500

Powerhead - NanoProp 5000

Lighting - 3 x aquaspot 3x1 ( 3 High Light LEDs in each "globe", 2 white, 1 blue)


The live rock from my LFS came with plenty of tiny, gross creepy crawly worms and snails which become pretty active once the lights are off... ( see them if I sit there with a torch face to the glass just watching them :P )


Water parameters are currently at:


PH: 8.4, Ammonia: 0.25ppm, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 50ppm, Temp:25.2 degrees Celsius, Specific Gravity 1.025 (measured with both Hydrometer and Refractometer).

Tested with the Red Sea Marine Lab.



Planning on putting a few corals, CUC, and maybe 2 Clowfish in there? not sure yet. Again I'm open to suggestions / criticism.


I've made a temporary lid out of perspex because the water level kept dropping fairly significantly every day.

It's not too pretty but does the job, not sure if i'll be keeping it or not. Might have to try out an ATO unit?




Please excuse the picture quality, using just my phone at the mo.


If anyone has any suggestions on aquascaping I would gladly take them into consideration as it currently doesn't look like much...













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