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Ordering Stevesleds BC14 KIT, customize ratio?


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After being out of the marine aquarium hobby for years I've jumped back in with a little BioCube 14 and WOW has the technology changed. Move over metal halide, LED appears to be the new king of lighting.


Anyway, the BC14 has been setup for about 2 months and besides fighting phosphates apparently leeching from my live rock causing cyano outbreaks everything has been going smoothly. The tank is still pretty basic and the only inverts are a bunch zoas and larger polyps. I plan to get more exotic once things mature and I no longer run the risk of having to remove the rock and scrub cyano off like I just did yesterday.


With only the stock pump and a Koralia 240 my temps climb to 83 every day in an air-conditioned room so the majority of the heat must be from the stock PCs. I have an InTank media basket and MaxiJet 900 en-route, so hopefully replacing the stock Coralife pump with the lower wattage MJ900 brings the temps down a little, but I'd really like to get some LEDs installed.


I've decided I really like what I read and see with the Stevesleds BC14 retrofit kit and the 5 Natural White/9 Royal Blue is close to the 2:3 ratio that seems to be recommended for Luxeon ES around here.


But I'm wondering if anyone thinks it might makes sense to replace one or two of the LEDs with a Deep Red or Cyan-Turquoise or maybe even 3-up with a combination of some sort.


So what do you think? Would it be worth while to add another color or two to the mix, or should I stick with NW/RB?


Thanks!!! And nice forum by the way! :)

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