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New to live plants an corals


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Warning: I am a noob, I need advice fore I am on a steep learning curve lol. Help and advice are appreciated, shuns will be ignored.


I have had a 125 fish only tank for years and recently switched from fake to live. Reading the internet i am a little overwhelmed but am trying anyways. I have my basics for saltwater, diligent on my water changes, monitoring the ph, nit., posphorus (learned the hard way) salinity etc., you know, the fundamental habits that keep a well balanced tank. When it comes to more advanced stuff I feel like I am faking it but so far making it, lol. By the way, I am addicted.



Saragassum Trigger

Niger Trigger

Manilla Puffer

Blue Spotted Puffer

Flame Hawkfish

Arc Eye Hawkfish

Freckle Face Hawkfish

Coral Beauty Angel

Green Bahama Starfish

Orange Bahama Starfish

Cookie Starfish

General (red) Cookie Starfish



Blue Octodes (trying to keep alive)

Red Grape

Green Grape



Dragons Breath

Dragons Tongue

Blue Scroll


And my first piece of Kenya Tree (come on sing it with me lol)


Here are some pics:



My Tank










I have been looking into a CO2 system, I know how much of a boost plants get from shots of it but am concerned what it side affects are as far as nuisance algaes. Anyone with exp. please chime in, worth it or no?


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I too am a total noob at this stuff but I do have a bit of experience with FW planted tanks so take this advice with a grain of salt.


I would suggest you don't use a CO2 system with your tank. Especially since you have livestock in there. It is very easy to over do it with CO2 systems and just as easy to waste the time and effort with too little injection of gas into your tank. In FW planted tanks there are some easy ways to check and maintain CO2 levels at their "optimal" levels but I don't know of any in a SW system. I would say save the money and just buy more macros and corals IMHO.

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