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Best Light Option for a 36" Shallow tank


Which Light  

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  1. 1. Lighting Options

    • T-5 (4 Bulbs)
    • DIY LED
    • LED Fixture (Radion, AI SOL, etc..)
    • T-5 (2 Bulbs) and a LED Strip
    • MH

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I have a custom built acrylic 36" x 10" x 9" tank. Looking at different options. MH will be too much for a shallow tank, but I still put it as an option. I am leaning towards a DIY fixture because I don't believe the Radion or AI SOL by itself will cover 36", but I may be wrong...Looking for ideas.

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LPS for now, but would like to have the ability to upgrade to SPS later. Also, I would like to stay around $300, but obviously some fixtures are more than that...


It has only been 3 votes, but it seems T5's are still the favorite

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I think I may go with a T5 4 bulb fixture. I wonder if 4 bulbs will be too much overspill being that the tank is only 10" depth.

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I put a DIY 4 bulb individual reflector t-5 light over the same tank and it was way too much light for all but the highest light loving sps. The bulbs were a pair of 10k and pair of actinic. I now run it as a 2 bulb t-5 individual reflector with a full length LED stunner strip. This seems to be at the high end of acceptable for most of my corals and macros.

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I just bought an aquaticlife 36" t5 fixture. Has 4 bulbs and built in timer. It rocks. The timer is super easy to use and looks great


and it has these cool led's for the night time to give your tank a nice look when its dark

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