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yasha goby and pistol shrimp


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a yasha goby and a randalls pistol shrimp should pair and fit into a 5g tank right? I might not be able to get them simultaneously so which should I add first? I have heard of lots of methods to get them to pair that I will try.

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I would put them if they're the only livestock. yasha first, then put the pistol near its burrow. Make sure you search the forums or google at least.

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cool, thanks!

Many LFS's will sell you the fish and the shrimp as a pair already ... if you can find one like that I would get both at the same time, but that is your decision of course

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They will find each other in a 5 gallon. I have a YWG that changes between my two pistol shrimps in a 40. My wheeler goby jumped a while back.

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