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Can dry rock rust?


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1) Is this rust on my dry rock??


Is it even possible to be rust loll..


This thing was white just the other night, I left it in the yard for the epoxy to dry...







2) How long do you wait for your JB Water Weld epoxy to dry before you put it in the water?


I have some green parts from the epoxy, which is used to mix to create the bond that apparently never got any puddy on it so it is still soft/usable and its been nearly 5 days, is it safe to have it like this in the tank?

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weird...are you positive its rust? if it is that means there are iron deposits in your rock. not really sure what having high iron in your water would cause.

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Maybe it got sunburned, lol.


Where did you get if from? It shouldn't rust, because it shouldn't contain any iron. I'd be more concerned about the putty that did not mix well. Just to be safe, I'd redo that putty joint that has some non mixed putty in it. After it's dry you can put it in the tank.


I used Locktite putty for my reef structure, but use the putty sticks that you get from vendors that are sold for reef tanks for mounting my corals.

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you think so? Because this is stalling my water install bc I am waiting to see if its safe or not.


Also, what are your thoughts on teh epoxy situation i mentioned.

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It is possible that if you left it in the grass to dry some moss control that is used to kill moss in lawns has iron in it and will stain concrete in a similar maner. =)

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Bought rock from BRS 3 times all the rocks have had some kinda discoloration like this some even darker brown... its not rust and I haven't had problems you should be fine. Also the putty is usually used un-cured and then cures later while in the tank so no problems there either (if this is the typical aquastik like putty that has to be kneaded together so that the compounds mix together)

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