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Rapid LED lens


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I am in the process of buying all the equipment i need to set up my coralife 29g biocube and i am looking at this http://www.rapidled.com/12-led-plug-n-play-retrofit-kit/

I am hoping this will allow me to add some sps and lps to the tank and i am hoping this will fit in the hood with the stock pcs. I am need help choosing the lenses i don't really know how to properly choose these for my tank. If anyone on here could help me i would appreciate it, or if anybody knows if this kit will be enough for some sps and lps in my nano and if this kit will fit?


Thanks, Tyler

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i would go without lenses...only 12 LEDs isnt much coverage in a 29g. is that all thats lighting the tank? I have 27 over a BC29 lol.


if you do get this kit, dont bother with lenses, or spend more money but get the widest lenses that will fit. 60* or 80* (your LEDs are probably 120*).

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idk either, dont really know anything about the kit. but i would go without lenses for sure...if you really want get some 60*s but you dont need it.

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I just did a retro on my 29. I would take out the stock lightin to make more room for leds. I would also not do lens on it. I have only 12 LEDs over my cube and my sps and all corals are loving it.

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