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Sixline Wrasse in hiding


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So, about two days ago I was in my LFS and I saw a Sixline Wrasse that I decided would be a good final addition to my 20g long which consists of just two black oscellaris clownfish, a small algae blenny, and assorted snails and hermit crabs. I acclimated the Wrasse and released him into the tank, about 5 minutes after being in the tank my clownfish began to harass the Wrasse forcing him to hide in the liverock. He has been hiding in the LR since and will only come out if I try to make him come out by moving the rock (I only tried this once to see if he would feed, which he still hasn't to my knowledge.) But, as soon as he comes out the clowns will chase/nibble at him forcing him back into the same spot, should I quarantine my clown pair in a spare 10g I have? Or is this normal behavior? From what I've read usually Sixlines are more aggro. I would really rather not have the wrasse die and I would like to keep him.

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Give him time to warm up. Leave te clowns for now. Later on, you can put them in a breeder net to allow the wrasse to find his spot I he doesn't by himself.

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