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My 10 gallon setup


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so here is the first look at my tank, I got everything in and im waiting for the cycle. Can't wait to start stocking and really get going. Hoping to see some life from the rock soon.



odyssea t5ho 72w with moons

AC20- no media just circulation

hydor k-nano 240

eheim jager 50w

20 lbs. caribsea agralive special

12 lbs. nano LR from premiumaquatics


tank has had substrate and water for about a week and a half and the LR was added about 3 days ago. Let me know what you think, any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a closeup of the LR really happy with the quality



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I really like it, I have mine on 3 digital timers from home depot and it worked out really well. I have it set for 10 hours atinic, 8 hours days, and 2 hours moons. I still have the stock bulbs and it looks good cant wait to see what happens with more quality bulbs, definately recommend it for the money.

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