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Cultivated Reef

jawfish hiding


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My pearly jawfish used to show itself a lot when I first introduced it to the tank. But now it hides all the time. IS there any explanation for this? Anyway I can get it to show its face again?


Also, should I get it a pvc tunnel? Thanks for your help :)

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That's most likely not the issue.


My clowns moved their hosting spot very close to my jawfish's burrow and hat freaked him out a lot. You have a lot of fish for a 12 gallon IMO. It might be too much activity for him

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it does seem like a lot but theyre all doing great. The clowns just swim everywhere and stare at me. Then the tailspot is just silly and does a whole circus act, it has adhd. They are all nice to each other. Its just the jawfish rarely shows his/her face.

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