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my experience with Reefgardener.net


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the other night i stumbled upon reefgardener.net and was blown away with the frags being offered. The colonies pictured that the frags came from looked amazing, so i emailed Reef Goddess to ask which she could reccomend for my setup and she took her time to go over some good choices for me.

Today i received my order and immediately upon unpacking i was able to tell the care put into the packing of everything. Ive dealt with shipping of live animals for years and was nervous about delicate sps frags like birdsnest arriving in tact, but everything was packaged so well that nothing was broken, and that big birdsnest frag looks mighty delicate!

Between the customer service, great prices, and most importantly great quality of these frags i'll be sure to order many more from her!

I'd recommend this site to anyone looking for some nice stuff for their tanks from softies,LPS and SPS.

thanks again reefgardener!

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