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Moving live rock?


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I am moving and of course that means that my rocks are too. I was curious as to what would be the best method to keep the rock as "alive" as possible. Would damp newspaper in a bag suffice or is it best to add the extra weight and use a bucket with salt water?


Thanks for the advice!

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In a perfect world, moving it in water would be the best. If you have buckets with lids, I would move it in water. If you can not, rapping it in wet news paper will work. That's how live rock is shipped to stores.

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Now before you go out and start stealing your neighbors news papers or at least I do ;) . If you have buckets or a tub you can put them in that will work best but if not screw news paper and just get a clean towel and soak it in saltwater and just throw it over the rocks.

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Fill 5 gallon buckets with rock (as full as possible), then add water. You wouldn't be able to add any more if you used towels or newspaper (it would just be a little lighter).

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