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Reefkeeper Lite Plus Review


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Let me start off by saying I have just started my first reef tank so this review is coming from someone who has just gotten into the hobby.


After seeing Bulk Reef Supply's video's on the reefkeeper i was convinced that it would be an essential investment saving me time and money in the long run.



My initial impression of the reefkeeper lite plus package:




Setup of the hardware was not all that hard, a couple of wires linked together and your all done.



The thing I really liked about the reefkeeper when researching was the ability to use the myreef 2.0 software on the computer so I wouldn’t have to spend hours pressing buttons on the main unit. however it is not as simple as that.


First off the software does not come on a cd with the reefkeeper . You need to find it on their website through their forums which is a bit of a pain.


After installing the myreef 2.0 software you need to update the usb plug, then update each module individually which takes some time I also had problems with the usb updating luckily I restarted the computer and this fixed it. There are lot more little things that make the whole process kind of confusing so if you’re not tech savy I would stay clear of this.


For some reason the software is extremely slow everything has a 1-2 second delay. My computer is new and has no problems with any other programs so I’m assumbing that’s the way the software is for everyone.

The software itself is not very user friendly either. It takes quite a bit of time to get used to. I would like to be able to save all of your settings to the computer as well which you can’t do. Meaning if you need to ever get a new unit your entire setup will need to be completely redone.


I’m sure if I spend a couple more hours experimenting with the program it might get a bit easier. This is just my initial impression




I also purchased the automatic top off with the reefkeeper. This was the one with the tank mounts.

First thing you gotta know is DO NOT ! solder the wires from the float to the wire adapter till after you have the float mounted to the tank, if you do you cannot fit the adapter through the hole on the mounting bracket and you’ll have to cut it and start over. Also I will not be using the supplied mounting bracket – it seems like it is made more for a sump setup, and would look really bad in the display tank.


PH probe:

The plus package comes with the ph probe and calibration fluids, but no instructions. Again you have to look up everything online.




#1 – The system did not come with an owners manual! All it comes with is a quick start guide. You have to find the owners manual online.


#2 - For some reason 1 of the outlets on the pc4 strip seemed to be stuck in the on position. This was the outlet I had my topoff pump plugged into luckily I realized before I had an overflow. I looked this up and I guess there is always a very small power trickle to the 2 middle plugs which will run things requiring low energy without the outlet being switched on. Seems pretty stupid to do something like that. Whats the point?


#3 - The wavemaker function is very very basic, plug in 2 pumps – 1 will be on, the other off, and you specify the time you want them to switch between the 2. I was hoping you could do some sort of overlapping of the 2 pumps so its not just 1 pump all the time – I bought 2 powerheads for a reason. I think I can do this with the timer function but I have yet to explore this.


#5 – After plugging in all of my equipment I have already used 7 of the 8 outlets, and when I install my hob refugium I will need another 2 outlets for the pump and lights :angry:


Overall thoughts:


Iwould give this product a 6 out of 10 rating – It has a lot of useful features and I am still glad I bought it however it is not at all as simple as I had thought when purchasing it.


I will do another writeup within the next few weeks telling whether or not I have resolved my problems and give it a long term review.

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Nice, honest writeup. I'm pretty tech-savvy (I write custom software), and from what I've researched, all of the controllers seem to have a pretty steep learning curve.

THANKS for the review.

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Nice review, I just bought a reefkeeper lite too. I have had it for a week now. After the learning curve its a good controller. You have to hang in there. There email support is very good and have answered all my questions. Here is a tip. When using outlets 2 and 3. Go to radio shack and get there Enercell Compact Surge Protector for low voltage pumps and powerheads.

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