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Milad LEDGroupBuy.com
Hey guys I have came across a DIY kit that sounds and looks good. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this website. I have provided a link so the LED masters can look and see if this is quality stuff or just a cheap knock off site. Thanks




It is the cheap stuff, not quality at all (drivers and LEDs) but there are some people on this forum that seem to enjoy the price for the quality they are getting and I've heard they give pretty good service.


The only thing I would recommend is staying away from the 6500K and 10000K LEDs. The 4500K are ok.


I should add, im comparing real CREEs and GOOD drivers to them. They are hands down much better than most of the really cheap stuff you find on Ebay.

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There great for the $ IMO. I have three different DIY builds I've done with there kits. All were full spectrum builds, they even carry the CB now. "ray" at aquastyle is great to work with, and will let you customize your kit. My corals don't seem to care that they are cheaper LEDs. I don't understand this whole "LEDs are junk if there not Cree,rebel,etc." take a look on RC too, there are threads and builds to check out that will give you more info.

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