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Has anyone used Krazy Glue Advanced Gel for gluing frags? I'm a bit nervous about it because the contents reads: cyanoacrylate glue, ethyl cyanoacetate.


Typically, the super glues I've used in the past only list cyanoacrylate.

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Thanks for the reply. Obviously my concern is about the ethyl cyanoacetate. I've tried looking it up, but not being a chemist, most of what I find is beyond layman's reading.


Anyone with a chemical bent know what that ingredient is/does in the formulation?

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Interesting. I've had some advice not to use it unless it is 100% cyanoacrylate. Also interesting is in pulling up the MSDS (thank you Seabass) for this glue, it doesn't mention cyanoacetate but instead lists cyanoacrylate and fumed silica.


There must be some difference between a glue that just lists the acrylate and this one that also contains the acetate. I just want to be 100% sure.


Sorry to be a PITA.

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Well, after some more research, it seems that ethyl cyanoacetate is a key ingredient in making cyanoacrylate. Just as a point of information (because the more info the better as far as I'm concerned) here is a quote from the article linked below.


"The chemicals necessary to form cyanoacrylate polymer include ethyl cyanoacetate, formaldehyde, nitrogen or some other nonreactive gas, free radical inhibitors, and base scavengers. Ethyl cyanoacetate comprises ethyl, a hydrocarbon radical (a radical is an atom or group of atoms that, because it contains an unpaired electron, is more likely to react with other atoms), cyanide, and acetate, an ester produced by mixing acetic acid with alcohol and removing the water.




I truly appreciate everyone's input and interest.

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