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i have a current usa 2x24w 30 inch fixture with a 10k and actinic plus from giessmann

im looking to make the tank a deeper blue and be able to possibly use it as moonlights

i can do a diy or pre built led

im looking for the cheepest route due to money infractions and having to pay bills and maintenene

so if you have anyideas, plz help!!

i already have a few heatsinks

and i have some plugs

is it possible to take what i think is a powersupply to like

charge a battery and cut the wire and rewire to another system?

im looking for the best way to do it and i could even add some 10k leds to go along with it just like, 4

but im thinking a 12 bulb kit might work

but i want the lowest price for the best results i can get at the low price


if i add the led lighting

can my tank handle anemones? and intense lighting sps?

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You need to match the output of the "phone charger" to your LEDs. If you want anenomes and the like go to aquastyle. That will be the cheapest, but not the nicest option. I suggest you research LEDs and how they work a bit before you purchase.

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It's possible to use a regular power supply (constant voltage) with LEDs, but it's more likely to fry the LEDs if one of them fails or you have a short somewhere. You'll be much better off spending the extra money for a constant current supply meant for LEDs like a Meanwell.

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