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2 bulb t5 color combination suggestion (2t5+20k led strip)


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Hi Everyone,


I am not too familiar with t5 color combinations, and need some suggestions. I see alot of combinations for 4/6/8 bulbs but not too many on 2 bulb with leds.


I am building a t5 / led hybrid for a red sea max 130.

Dimensions roughly = 24"x4" space within the hood. Abput 24" from sandbed to leds.

It will be t5 / led strip / t5

- 1 ROW t5s 24"/24w

- 18" led strip constant current with 9 led's (5 royal blue / 4 cool white) roughly 20k look w/no optics


- 1 ROW t5s 24"/24w


BTW I have a lot of bulbs to use so fire away on any type of suggestions, ie to name a few ATI Blue Plus, ATI Purple Plus, Geismann AquaBlue Plus, UVL AquaSun...


Forgot to mention this is a mixed reef, sps/lps (chalices)/softies(zoas)



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In terms of filling in the missing spectrum, the purple plus and a 420/460 actinic bulb would be nice. I have a suspicion that the tank would be really dark and very blue. If that does turn out to be the case, there is the coral+ bulb which contains a bit of purple plus.

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