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Corallimorph - HELP


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Hi All,


So every corallimorph in my tank has shriveled/closed up..

The tank is a Yasha Nano and lives at my office... I did find my Nanoprop not running due to some lodged grit, which was the result of me adding more sand.


So could the addition of sand 3 days ago cause this?

Or could the unit not having any water flow for possibly 3 days cause this?


Before I left work one of the shrooms did open up a little but sure enough it closed back up even more prior to me leaving...


The neighboring zoanthids seem fine too...


Any help on this would be much appreciated..

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Check ph and the works to see if all the parimeters are fine. Sometimes the addition of new sand can cause some corals to freak out a bit. Heck, sometimes when I do a water change my zoas will close up the next day as the result of it - they like dirty water, I don't.

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Ok... Definitely not the light because one of the lights isn't working at the moment (still waiting on replacement part) so I already have low light... Could be the water is too clean... I might get rid of the bag of active carbon I have in there... And the flow is as low as it can be, but if low flow is good why did they close up after having no flow for 3 days?

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Re-visiting this one.. My morphs are always shrivelled up... My water params are fine... Can someone let me know if these guys are sensitive to anything in particular?

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What's fine? Post up your params as you can measure them. Also, it's a small tank, so is temperature fluctuating too much? What creatures do you have in the tank with them? Have you noticed any pest creatures that could perhaps be to blame?


What are the lights that are currently on and how long of a light cycle? They may like low light, but I've got mine under not quite direct LED lighting and they're doing very well, so there's probably a limit of how low they can go.

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I get my water tested at my LFS and they assure me everything is sweet...


You may be right about the light... They are under direct LED light... MY tank is a Yasha Nano and doesn't have a seriously powerful lighting set up though... So maybe not? The morphs that are shaded a little definitely look better....


I only have a scooter blenny and 2 tiny ocellaris juvenielles, there are no pest either.. I doub it is the livestock as they were shrivelled up way before I put the livestock in (tank settled for 4 weeks prior to any fish)

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