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hose funk blown all over my tank


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I decided to remove one of my MJ900s to see if I would be happy with the reduced flow. I wasn't and after an hour or so I put it back in.


I didn't realize at the time but the inside of the hose was loaded with a layer of slimy funk. As soon as I hit the switch said funk showered into the tank.


I got some of it out with my handy dip net and the filters pulled out quite a bit as well but of course there's still quite a bit in there floating around and stuck to the rocks.


First off WTF was that sh!t & second should I worry about anything? Being that it was in the hose all along I doubt it's murderous but one can never be too cautious.

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I read the title " hose funk blown all over my tank" and thought WOW!!!!! this guy just got really excited and now his tank glass is a mess . :o Just a word of advice,no standing in front aquarium naked :P

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