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Snails and Chaeto


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Has anyone ordered from Reefcleaners before in terms of Chaeto and snails?

How are their products?


I am about to place an order for rocks and was wondering if I should order my Chaeto at the same time or it isn't safe to add that during a cycle.


Also, are snails on free shipping or do they charge for that?

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They charge i think a flat rate of 9.50 and i added cheato during cycle so you should be fine. Service is beyond great and john is a great guy. Dont hesitate at all to purchase from him. A+ vendor.

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I read somehwere in the fine lines that shipping on snails was alwasy free but not sure if thats accurate.


Did you buy the snails during the cycle as well?

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If you are thinking about ordering from reef cleaners DO IT!! Their dwarf ceriths are AMAZING!! They are really really tiny though. But they climb into everywhere and get everything! I am a huge fan of diverse clean up crews and thus a huge fan of reef cleaners! Totally recommend their dwarf ceriths, regular sized ceriths, and nerites. Take whatever number of dwarf ceriths you are thinking of ordering and multiply it by 2.5... It sounds crazy and stupid but trust me. They are TINY and worth thier weight in gold (maybe even platinum)! I did not order them from reef cleaners but I also have a bunch of limpets and stomatellas. I love them as they are nearly invisible in the tank and do a bang up jub of cleaning!! Reef Cleaners ROCKS. Btw totally get the chaeto at the beginning if you have a fuge.


I would wait until your ammonia/nitrate drops in your cycle before you add snails. I have always just lightly fed my tank once a week as if I had fish when I was cycling. Has always worked well for me.

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