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This is a very cool light that I'm using as a suplimate and moonlight for my tank It's a 4 watt leit Color changing bulb, Is dimmable by remote control, has a music mode and changes colors to the tempo of music, lasts 20 years and is 4 watt and is as bright or brighter than a Cree 3w .


This bulb Could be used in alot of nano reef applications and this is why I'm sharing it here.


Two or three over a 3 gallon would be cool.

Fuge light bulb




Here is a video of it in action over my very recently setup tank.


bulb is now hung up and is used at %100 white or blue along with my crees and I use it on white after my crees go out to simulate dawn dusk. And then I'll leave it on low blue setting overnight.



What do you think???

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