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Chondria help...


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Ill beat that with peroxide no problem. Come on over to the disease and pest forum, big peroxide thread, read all of that and run the treatment. Please post before pics from above on that thread and the after pics when its all cured in about 5 days.


This is an obligate hitchhiker. After total removal, you can't get it ever again unless you import it again so at least thats good to know.


To summarize the whole 40 page thread:


-take the time to remove each rock and treat externally as shown in the thread, don't use any other method. Regardless of how much work it is, this will cure your problem. We want the pics don't leave us hangin!



I dont know if thats chondria but it seems like a reasonable ID to me. We don't have data on that particular macro being treated, however there is no known macro that can withstand peroxide so we'll assume it will work. To test, you take that little rock in the front of the aquascape on the sand, its easy to remove. The one with zoanthids will work too, either way.


Take out the rock, pour 3% peroxide from a new bottle (not a used one sitting in medicine cabinet, get new) right on the bad algae. If some gets onthe zoanthids it won't matter they aren't harmed.


Wait 2 mins with the rock and treated algae sitting outside the tank. this will not hurt any corals you have on the rock, they can all be exposed to air.


after two mins, rinse the treated area well with clean saltwater and place back into tank. post us pics of this test run in 3 days, I bet its dying by then. If so, do the whole tank and your problem will be solved.


Its not a nutrient issue, its an import issue.

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Dip each one separately, the other life won't be hurt. Bristle worms maybe but nothing you need.


the peroxide thread in the disease and pest forum shows that dipping is secondary in preference to spot treating. Take out rocks, apply peroxide undiluted to target only. Many extra details are in the thread

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