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pulsing xenia closed up


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i bought a pulsing xenia frag and since i put it in my tank it hasnt realy opened up. a few sprouts did but not many.

they were open in the tank i got them from.

they have been in my tank about two days

here are the best pics i could get.





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ammonia,nitrite and nitrate were all o before i put it in but havnt checked since. ph was 8.2 salinity 1.021

i thought they might close for a day but thought they might have opened by now.

how long would they normaly stay closed for?

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Well you have a big problem, your salinity should be around 1.024 and lower salinity levels will cause this. Until you get this under control it will stay closed and when it becomes happy it will open up. All corals are different but it always depends on how you do your reef keeping :haha:

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thanks i will go and try to raise the salinity now.


I'm sure you have a plan to get your salinity levels up, but in case you don't. Topping off with salt-water instead of normal RO/DI seems to work really well. It will prevent increasing your salinity too quickly, resulting in a shocked system and possibly more troubles.






Is a cool link that can help with this.

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my plan is to take out 10%-15% of the water. make it the correct selinety and put it back into the tank. i will do this a few times untill i get the correct selinity. i dont want the corals to suffer while i wait for the tank water to evaparate enough water to be able to raise the selinity that way.

i will give time between changes so i donu upset things too much. all i have in the tank at the moment is 3 small corals 2 hermits 2 turbo snails and a cleaner shrimp

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