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12g nano too hot?


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I have a 12g nano cube that has finished its cycle. But is running around 82 with lights off house temp is 73. Replace the pump with a mj 600. Replaced the heater. I place the heater in the display so I can see its not turning on. I have a koralina nano 240 that I just took out to see if that's the problem. I have the stock hood and lights on the tank. Should I be worried? Thanks in advance. Matt

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82 is fine. 84 is alright too. Consider getting a fan if it gets hotter than 84.


And some sealed plastic bags with ice to float in the tank in case of emergency (over 84F).

From my experience, the mj pumps run hot.

Also, I never tried it, if it gets too hot in the middle of the day, shutdown the lights for few hours until it gets cooler and make up for time-lost later in the day/night

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I personally like to run my temp cooler. I have always had better results at 77-78. However the real key is not the temp but the consistency. Just make sure your tank temp doesn't climb much during the day. I see a huge impact on my tank if there is even a 1.5 degree difference! My last tank needed a 2+ difference for me to notice anything... Worry more about the swing than the temp.


Keeping surface tension down helps a LOT (ie make lots of ripples). This wil help with evaporative cooling.

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i have the same tank. where the two vents on top are i installed two small fans. one flowing in, and one flowing out. this hellped bring the temp down a bunch and left me at a cool 81 degrees, good luck!

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