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Rbta needs help


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So long story short I had lost power for about two weeks a month or so ago. During this time I ended up moving my corals and my rbta to my 180 that is kept at my folks place trying to give them at least some water flow and some kind of light. Now after the power finally came back and its taken a good bit of time but after for the moat part having my tank cycle again I would like to move the rbta back. The 180 has t5s but was a fowlr while I lived at home (now only has 3cleaner and 2 fire shrimp, sold the fish since I would be there to take car of it). The tank everything is moving back to is a biocube 29, lighting is hob mh and the levels are where they should be. Now the rbta has pretty Mich bleached out but still eats every other day, it won't come out from the back of a cave and get little if any light. I would really like to save the little bum but I'm at a loss for where to go. Any suggestions

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