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Glass top for Biocube 29


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So I just added a glass top to my cube. I did have it open top for a bit after I put a HOB MH light similar to the 29 HQI. To much water evaporates so this is what I ended up with.



Made a template to mark out my glass. glass used is 1/8", if you are not sure about the curves stop by your local true value and they should be able to use you template to cut the glass :)



glass cut. added a small handle to ease with removal and putting glass on.



glass installed with MH. Next I'm building a box for the back out of some plexiglass and will use some dark tint to allow my self to see inside but still give it a clean look.

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I bought some glass to make a top for mine today. I haven't cut it yet. When I put it on top of my tank it immediately fogged up. Have you had any problems like this?

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