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What to look for when choosing glass?


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Hi guys,


If I intend to get a new tank then what kind of things should I look out for in terms of quality and wow factor?


I want something that looks like the ADA tanks. What is it in specific that makes them look so good? I know they are rimless so that is one thing that I need to make sure I try to get. But in terms of type of glass and the cut, are they factors that affect the overall appearance of a tank? What does it mean when glass is starphire?


The ADA tanks are around £120 ($190US) here in the UK. Should I just go for one rather than a custom made one? After all, I do like the dimensions of them; I want a long shallow tank.


Let me know your thoughts please.


Thank you.

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Starphire glass is a type of premium glass that is much more clear than standard glass. I think standard glass has a higher iron content, which gives it a greenish tint. Starphire is clear as day, and when you look at the 2 types of glass side by side you will see the difference. Its more expensive though, but well worth it. As for what makes ADA aquariums so nice, like you said its pretty much because they are rimless. Also I believe all ADAs use starphire glass? Plus the edges are nice and bevelled. They are well made from what I hear, and if you want something with the same build quality but cheaper you might want to check out the Do!aqua aquariums which is ADAs more budget friendly line of aquariums

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Also look for nice and clean silicone lines. Mass produced tanks usually have a pretty thick bead of silicone on the edges, the higher quality ones have a much smaller, yet effective bead.


I couldn't personally justify the expense of an ADA tank, however, I do admire their beauty and quality. Booms idea of getting a Do!aqua is good, and there are also other tank options that look really nice as well. Depending on the size an acrylic tank would give you the best clarity and with quality construction invisible seams with no silicone or anything like that. Acrylic tanks are also pretty expensive, but there are sometimes people in your area who could make one for a decent price and with good quality too.

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