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Office Reef Nuvo 8


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VIDEO LINK- 8-5-12 new Maxi-Mini addition-


8-5-12 FTS nuvo8FTS.jpg



So due to inconsistent living situations I haven't been able to build setup what I feel would be a clean long term thread worthy tank. However a while back my sister was showing interest in the fascinating life in a saltwater aquarium. So I took it into my own liberty to begin a system for her based off my 1.5yr old system using my rocks and substrate that would be clean and modern looking yet small and stable-ish that would be kept in her office at work. While exploring my options of AIO tanks Innovative Marine released the Nuvo line which quickly caught my attention at the local lfs. I decided on the Nuvo 8 for her as its about a 12" cube(small) yet well equipped. They only had black tanks with 14k light at that time so I convinced the manager to swap me a white 10k light off another system since at that time IM had not offered PAR ratings for the lights and knowing I did not want to be limited by lighting while stocking I planned to have the stock 10k light and ad on an Ecoxotic Panorama 6w blue Stunner Strip to give the look and intensity I was wanting. Since then I have changed the lighting a few times, we went to a Panorama with the Stunner combo and now to a stock nuvo8 IM 8w 14k light with one blue Ecoxotic Ecopico 3w strip ad on. We have also changed the 3 stage foam filters, first we went with CemiPure Elite with decent success and since switched to Blue Life Clear FX Pro still utilizing the yellow sponge to collect large particles and I'm not sold yet on which media I like better.


I kept the tank with me for about 45 days to observe it and begin stocking then transfered the tank. The tank is currently about 9 months old. My sister now feeds and maintains the tank and does an exceptional job. She does small water changes 2-3 times weekly total of about 50% per month and cleans the yellow sponge about every 2 weeks. We are currently battling flatworms, we waited about a month for the lfs to get velvet nudi but finally settled on a sixline wrasse convinced this would clear up the situation. The wrasse hasn't made a dent so far so soon he is coming out and we will try a chemical treatment.


All the pics taken from my Iphone 4s, I have a few from when I first set up the tank then I slacked on pics till the past few months so there is a gap in pics I dont have.



first pics I have




moved lighting and start to add coral











thats all that I have from the 45 days with me :D

I have to head to work will be back with more pics tomorrow

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Current equipment setup

-50w heater

-IM 8w clamp on LED

-Ecoxotic Ecopico blue strip

-Blue Life Clear FX Pro w/yellow sponge

-Caribsea aragonite black/tahitian moon sand 50/50 mix

-Garf Grunge


Current Stocking list

-Yellow Clown Goby

-Sixline wrasse (temporary)

-2 sexy anemone shrimp

-Maxi-Mini carpet anemone

-Emerald crab

-Red leg hermit crab

-2 nassarius snails

- a few astrea



-Green Monti

-Red Monti

-Superman Monti

-Purple tip green frogspawn

-Green Star Polyps

-Devils Hand

-Candy Cane

-Kenya Tree



-Several Zoo colonies

-Green Orange Blue Florida Ricordeas

-Orange/purple Yuma Ricordea


here are pics of the tank with the Panorama/stunner combo, my favorite setup

















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