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Sun Coral Care


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just purchased a sun coral colony and was wondering what is the best way to feed without polluting my 29gal biocube reef. any advice will be helpful..

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Very new to the hobby but love reading everything I can and I've never heard of sun coral but i did find an interesting article that may help you.




Also in the search option on the forums here there are many articles from members, 1 doing a Sun Coral only tank.




Hope this helps you a little.

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I once saw a utube video where a guy cut tha top of a plastic juice or soda bottle off, placed it over his colony, added food(I think it was brine shrimp), put the cap on the bottle until the corals were done eating. That way all of the brine stay confined, and the corals could easily access it. I'm sure if you google it, something will come up.

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use a turkey baster or you can buy spot feeder or you can diy one with a syringe and tubing.


shut pumps off

suck some food up

squirt food on open tentacles

wait for them to ingest it

turn pumps on


there is nothing complicated or involved here.

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