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I'm new to the community... I moved around 2000 miles from home for a job in Texas, and needed a hobby to fill my free time (I do not get much during the active hurricane season :( ... ) So after a month of research, I decided on a 4 (technically 3.7) gallon Aquatop all-in-one tank. I picked up 3lbs of live rock from my lfs, and let the tank cycle/sit empty (except for lr and ls) for a little over a month.


Last week, I added a tiny blue leg hermit and a couple 0.25" Cerith snails. I took a dive, and will be receiving a 3.75" green stripe mushroom rock and a 0.75" pom pom crab tomorrow.



- Buy 1 more pom pom

- Buy around 3-4 sexy shrimp

- Maybe add a small bit of frog spawn, depending on how the mushrooms act.

- Add Astrea snail or two



Problems... I recently rearranged my lr to add height and a few caves for my critters... Seen below... I guess a chunk had a pretty good cave in it and when I was watching my tank tonight, I found this cave and it had what looks like a very tiny crab... this thing had two black eyes, is about half the size of an m&m and I cannot get a good picture (I will attach one on my next post since I reached the limit with the tank pic)... So question is, is this guy good or should I get rid of him... his cave is on the left side of the tank ( in the photo looks like two dark holes about halfway up). I would hate to add a pom pom and some coral just to have either of them be attacked...


Also.. going to try to keep track of my progress with this tank... I have a crazy work schedule as a meteorologist, but it's worth it, so don't panic if I slack on updating stuff.


and the little critter thing... circled in blue... I also think it might be an isopod of some type, I did see a large one on my lr when I bought it and haven't seen it since cycling



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