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I have found two lights that I am debating between and need your opinion and help on which one to get. I want some nice live rock and some soft corals, anemone, frogspawn, mushrooms, zoos and stuff of that nature.


I have a 20 high and it is the one with weird dimensions. It is 20 inches across side to side, 24 inches high and 10 inches front to back.


First one is a PAR30 I am not sold on the idea of a "spotlight" type light but I found it on the cheap for 80 with a clamp.


Second is in the link below




Thanks for your help!!

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If you intend on keeping anemones other than mini carpet anemones, you're gonna need a beefy light (not to mention great water quality). If doing PAR38, you will need two of them. I'd recommend those from the sponsor to NR called LEDtric, and specifically the full-spectrum bulbs. They are $100 each. Can't remember how much the clamps are.


Not 100% sure of T5HO, but that light you find may be sufficient - wait for others to chime in on that.

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