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Divys Fluval Edge Journal (DIM4 case update+corals+tunze nano)


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Hello All,

I just started to put my nano tank together so thought i should start a journal
My objectives for the tank are to keep the stock look of the Fluval Edge, quite because it sits on my bedside table and a overall clean look

Here are some specs:
Display Tank: Fluval Edge 23L, 43cm W x 22cm H x 26cm D, Custom acrylic sump built into the stand

Display Lighting: DIY LED, 3 Cree XT-E Neutral white, 6 Cree XT-E Royal blue, 3 True violets, 1 Ocean coral white, Controlled by a DIM4

Stand: Bedside table with lower draw to hold electrical equipment ect.

Hood: Standard Fluval Edge hood with top grill painted matt black to match hood

System Water: Artificial Salt Water, Red Sea Coral Pro with RO/DI

Display Water circulation: Hydor Koralia Nano 900

Return Pump: Eheim compact 300

Skimmer: DIY Air driven Skimmer (Not sure if ill use it but i mainly made to help with oxygen exchange which ive read is bad with this tank)

Evaporation Top Up:Auto topup, I have not bought it yet but it will be a Tunze osmolator 3155 or Tunze Nano osmolator

Chiller: The DIM4 can control 2 fans so 1 will be used to cool the heatsink and the second fan will be used to help cool the water but if temps get too high ill hide a Ice Probe chiller in the sump/stand

Chemical Maintenance: Marine magic dosing pump

Here is where im up to at the moment :)

hood grill,back and bottom of tank painted black

this is the led set up i decided to go with and so far im happy with it, the heatsink doesnt get hot so i may not use fans

this is the bottom draw of the bedside table stand where ill keep all the equipment, not all the equipment is in there because i have not decided which tunze ato to get also im waiting for my acrylic ato reservior and dosing container to get made

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Dear lord, this is the best looking set up for a edge that I've seen so far. How are you planning to sump this tank?

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Thanks for the kind words Buddy,


The sump will be made to fit inside the part of the Edges stand and connected to the tank

a notch will be cut so water will flow in and the eheim will be the return pump


I dont know if that made sence or not but ill post pics once it gets made


at the moment im doing the rock scape so will post some pics once im finished


heres a quick pic of the air driven skimmer i made


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heres what ive got so far with the scape but im not sure -_-


i would love some feed back on the scape, also im sorry about the quality of the pic ill try to take some better shots



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  • 2 weeks later...

Ive finished making my inbuilt sump but ill take some pics when its up and running

i also finished my rock scape so probably tomorrow ill make some ro/di add the sand and start the cycle


im going to cycle by using pure ammonia

(more interesting pics soon:) )

oh also i used some dd aquascape putty and ecotech glue to make the scape and i have to say im very impressed with the ecotech coral glue



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Wow! What a nice clean design. Looking forward to see the end result!


Thank you for not being naked when you took that last pic, LOL

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thanks for the kind works spiro and jonny,


bwahaha spiro, damn i knew i should have taken my clothes off when i took the pics since i always do ;)


Small update, I made the hang on style sump, mixed up some salt and added the aragalive bahamas oolite sand

ive started the cycle too and im using pure ammonia to do it


Heres some pics, im waiting on the tunze nano ato to get released so thats why theres no ato yet and i still have to glue in my hose holder for the dosing pump and ato hoses

Also i have not put the diy skimmer in (im still unsure if ill use it)






I bought a 10cm filter sock but its obviously too big for my small sump so i cut it in half and made 2 small ones, im very impressed with how well the filter sock cleans the water





the return pump is a eheim compact 300 which also helps with adding flow and here is a pic to show the outlet which is a duck bill outflow from a dymax iq3, the outflow is hidden so when you look at the tank you cant see it which im happy with since one of my goals was a clean look





heres a quick pic of the tank itself, im playing around with the powerhead location to try and find a spot where it keeps the sand bed flat

i took this pic when the powerhead was pointed bad and the sand is everywhere lol

the powerhead is now a few cms to the left and pointed towards the middle which seems to be working good so far also in the pic you can see the outlet which is not in its place cause i was still playing around with the flow when i took the pic

i take some better pics when the lights come on



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thanks alot randythefishdude


Quantum, To be honest the light spread is alot better then what the picture shows but i just cant take a pic to show how it looks in real life even the colour isnt right in the pic

but in saying that the fluval edge dosnt have 100% light spread


I tested them diy skimmer today and so far it seems to work well,

Im still not sure if ill use it cause a skimmer on this size tank isn't needed but the oxygen it adds is



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This looks really great. The Edge is a great looking, unique tank, and it really seems like a bit of a waste when people take them apart. You've managed to keep it nice and clean.


I'm looking forward to seeing where this tank goes.

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asid61, thanks for the reply, yeah at the time i took that picture i was still playing around with the powerhead placement to stop it from moving the sand around and i finally got it in the right place so im happy now lol


Dr. Acula, bwhaha love the user name watch scrubs by any chance? :P

thanks my main goal was to try and keep it clean without modding or cutting the hood up since like you said the edge has such a nice clean look to them

and the inbuilt sump has worked out great too since the heater,ato and so on are out of the tank


Quantum, yeah one day ill be able to take a pic to show how the light spread is to the eye but for now you can all enjoy my un-awsome pics :D


still cycling with pure ammonia and keeping it at 1.5-2.0 ppm so not much to report but i did take a few pics





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  • 2 months later...

ok update time :)


I replaced the sand with seachem grey coast sand and i am very happy with it as it does not blow around


Here is the hood with a scythe 140mm fan, i put the fan in there to run when it gets too hot and i might get a STC-1000 to run it, i used a few tiny 5mm x5mm x 2mm earth magnets painted black to hold the fan to the grill




changed the led set up a tiny bit, but a week ago the 3 true violets stopped working :( so i have ordered 4 hyper violets, 2 cool blues, 2 deep reds and 2 turquoise which gives me alot to play around with and see which 3 led combo i like best to replace the tvs


here is the set up now and the 3 black leds are the TVs that i will replace,im thinking 1 DR, 1 TQ or CB and 1 HV)



also im still waiting for the tunze nano ato :(

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live stock update :)



- 2 baby tank breed occy clowns (15mm long) soo small lol

- 25 zoanthids

- 4 acans

- 1 purple green platygyra

- 2 scollys ( 2-3cm)

- green purple hammer

- red chalice


Sorry the pics are not the best i just quickly took them with my iphone and i fragged most of the corals onto the rocks a day or so ago so some are upset at the moment and about 50% of the zoas are not open, Ill take better pics next week when they are all open and happy lol


(oh dont mind the LR in the background, i used LR to cycle the tank and have been slowly removing it)




scollys and some zoas that are open



rainbow acan




how it really looks lol :)









lord acan is red and blue/green but pic isnt showing its colours




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  • 1 month later...

small update,


im having some issues with some zoas melting away but anyways here are a few quick (unedited) iphone pics


right hand rock

zoas and 2 rainbow acans




left hand rock with zoas a acan and 2 button scollies



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi all,


I was going to update my journal when i do the rescape but im bored so thought id update the little things :)

(sorry about the pics i only used my iphone)


ok first, i got the Tunze Nano Osmolater and fitted it in the back, the standard hose holder was too big for me so i made a tiny holder which works great


Here is the back where the ato is:




I also cleaned up the equipment draw, Nothing special here but it does show my ato res:



I added a fan to the DIM4 to help cool it, since im running no drivers only 3leds per channel it gets pretty hot:









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Im going to do a rescape (still waiting on my putty and ecotech glue to show up: :( ) so i got a few new corals for it


- Another rainbow acan (now have 5 :) )

- A few Hammers (im trying to get a yellow/gold frag)

- Toxic Green Torch


Ill post some more pics once the scape is done but my plan is again two bommies, one larger one which will have all the hammers on it and still a little toward the back and the second will be beside it and then a part of it to wrap around the hammer one


New corals sitting and waiting lol:







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Thats a beautiful job divy. I have the same tank running floss in the ac20. I've been considering adding an ac50/media basket but your DIY probably has more room.


Can you post some more pics of how the overflow works? I see you cut into the edge plastic part, how does it flow into the sump without leaking? Do you have any concerns about the pump overpowering the overflow and causing a flood?

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Thank you Hernanderz


Risk1994, thanks mate

yeah theres more room then a AC50, I have all that equipment and i still have enough room for a air driven skimmer if i choose to add one


the other good thing about this setup is there is no filter intake pipe from a hob in the tank so makes the inside of the tank cleaner looking


its around 2:30 am here so tomorrow ill take some decent pics showing how it works for you but im not sure what you mean by leaking? can you please explain what part you think might leak so i can explain it


when i first put it together i was concerned about the return pump overpowering the overflow so i had the pump turned to the lowest setting but the overflow handled it easy so i turned it to max, by looking at it im guessing it could probably handle double the LP/H


on a side note i started the new scape today with the left over putty i had (new putty and glue should be here next week so i can finnish it all)

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I was wondering about the overflow you cut out of the tank and where it meets the part you made...




How well does the water flow out of the fluval edge into your DIY sump? Any leaks where they join together?


Also if you could post some pics of the back or maybe like a diagram showing the chambers and how its set up.

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