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Help with new aquarium setup


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so read through all the articles and definitely want to go with natural filtration for sure, it just seems to make more sense to me.


want to go for like a 14g tank but sorta thinking a sump-like deal would work best for me so was wondering if setting it up so it's like so...


want an overflow running into a lower tank kept in a cabinet with just a tiny entry and return chamber and large central chamber.

use like a 10g tank and only fill like 6g and then draw a line on it so i know where the level should be for topping off and also 10% of 20 is an easy amount for water changes

Put some live rock and sand in the middle chamber for some extra filtration

use the sub tank for a place to put heater and use the return pump for flow in upper tank to minimize eyesores. Maybe an scwd on the return line so they get a little wave motion going on?

set some lamps on it on same timer as the main tanks night lights so oxygen production happens 24/7

use the sub tank for water changes so my fish don't get upset

maybe pour some pods into it for some free food supplement in the upper tank

maybe a feather duster worm to help with debris floating in the water?


It seems like this would be the natural filtration version of the sump tanks I've seen in the store and hopefully the answers are obvious. Just want to be sure what I'm doing won't put my new wards in an early grave.

Just want to keep the stress on them and me as low as possible


thanks in advance for any advice

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all fine idea except have the sump light on either 24/7 or on a reverse cycle so at night. if you are going to have tube worm put it up top they are really cool and look great! if you are going to use a return pump also as a circulation pump which I do and its great! make sure its a strong one so you have good flow once it reaches the top to where its going. I have a 15.5 nano with a 20 gallon long sump I use a quiet one 2200 about 594gph? at 4ft its about 300+gph make sure your overflow is a good size diameter that and have shot off valves are key! oh and in your sump fuge where the sand and rock goes put cheato in there so you reduce phosphates and nitrates along with keep the tank from having ph swings and keeping oxygen in the tank

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