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Got me a new coral!


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Not sure if any of you followed LiveAquaria's thing on Facebook talking about liking their page and sharing it to be put into a drawing for getting a free coral from their Diver's Den? Well, I was the lucky winner! I was able to pick a coral up to $200 in value plus free shipping. :D


Oh, trust me, I was and still am totally excited! I rarely have this opportunity to have anything like this for free - no matter how much I asked people to just give me their unwanted Xenia and GSP frags...lol.


So, after having careful consideration, I found myself getting An Acan Brain Coral (see pic). It's a beauty, measuring at 5 inches long. The coral originally costed $139.99. Yes, this will be the gem of my tank and forever a centerpiece. I never get to buy a coral this freakin expensive - I don't have that kind of cash to spare.


If they're as easy as I hear they are to keep, I should have no probs. Probably should have gotten one to begin with for my first Stony Polyp coral. It'll be here tomorrow for me to acclaimate. Speaking about that...are they easy or hard to acclaimate?


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man that's really cool, it looks like cooling lava. donno if i would have picked that one with 200 bucks to spend, but it is certainly a unique specimen doctor.

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There was one Chalice that was $199.99...but I wasn't too sure if a Chalice would survive in my tank, so I wasn't gonna try. This, on the other hand, I hear is extremely easy - the water flow just like a mushroom and lighting just like medium for a zoanthid.


I just got it today and done the first part of the acclaimation...now I'm waiting a few hours with the lights off before turning them on to see if my coral has shown itself yet.

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That's how I was...never won nothing, until now :P I just stumbled upon the promo, and said the right words to win the coral.


Pretty sick looking, congrats on the win, I never win anything :(
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This is sucking...my coral is still a dark green with orange eyes and a light green rim. The purple color hasn't shown up yet. I know my lights can show blue and purple color spectrum, because I have purple coraline in my tank. It hates red for it'll turn it pink. So...I'm hoping the woman at LiveAquaria is right that to give it some time to get it's color back...if that's even possible:P

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LMFAO ROTF! If only we could, right? LOL! I'm just hoping that if these Acans have tentacles that that's what's purple showing.


Try turning up the saturation on your tank.
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