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Should I sell /trade my sunpod?


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Ok So I have an 150 watt sunpod. I really love this light and had it over my 24 nanocube. Long story short had kids they started to get old enough to climb in chairs look in the tank want to feed and so forth. So I put the old hood back on the tank and have been going with that for a while now. I thought I would eventually put the sunpod back up or start another tank so I figured I would hold onto it. I have been getting back into reef keeping again since my son has started to get interested in the tank as well. I have noticed that LED's look like the new MH. So my question is there a reason to keep the sunpod or should I sell/trade and just go with LED's.

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I would go with the LEDs, sun pods are nice but they give off a ton of heat and need bulb replacement. I don't have LEDs though so take my opinion with a grain of salt; I really really want them though. :)

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Yeah I think I'll put it up for sale and see if I can save up and get a retro fit kit to put in the hood of my nanocube. Thanks for the input Xenia Farmer

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