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Coral Vue Hydros

New 20L set up/ let me know what you think!


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Finally have the tank up and running for couple weeks now. Stand custom build 4x4 pressure treated legs, 2x4 frame and oak plywood for a top. overkill but may upgrade to a 30 Breeder down the road and that stand will work for it too. Sitting at about 30lbs of live rock, 20lbs of live sand, aquaclear 30 for HOB filter. Happy with the rock scape for now but open for suggestions. Hopefully do some simple corals down the road. 1 fiji damsel fish for now and he eats like a pig! Below is link to my photobucket album.



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Thank you! and as far as stocking plans go i'm going to get 2 clownfish (ocellaris, black and white and traditional), fire fin goby, and i'd like to get a flame angel. Also I do have 12 blue legged hermit crabs as a clean up crew and was thining about adding 5 or so turbo snails.


Down the road as far as corals go i'd like to do some simple stuff like mushrooms and polps. Guy I bought the live rock off of does frags for only $10 each. So something for thought down the road.



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Thank you! and as far as stocking plans go i'm going to get 2 clownfish (ocellaris, black and white and traditional), fire fin goby.


:huh: almost my exact stocking.......... execpt my orange clown is satin incarnante and kills every other fish i've ever tried to put in there.

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What kind of lighting are you using?



I am using the Solarmax 30" quad lighting (Deep Blue SolarXtreme Quad Tube 30" Light) 24 watt. From what i've read and seen it will be more than enough to do the simple corals I wana do. Now if i were to do some harder ones that I know i would need a better lighting sytem but i'm fine with the simple stuff.


Being my 1st saltwater tank I want to keep it simple for the time being. Maybe years down the road I will upgrade things but for now I really like my simple look :)


More photos to come when I add fish slowly but surly

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I'm too lazy to click links to albums, you should use the img tags and post the pictures to your thread. :D


Clowns look good. I think you should break the scape up. It looks like you could keep that archway on the right and just stack the rock on the left with the left arch and make a left side island. Less symmetry is better IMO.

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Wow, just my luck my retarded black and white clownfish swam right up to the intake of my powerhead (aquaclear powerhead) and got stuck and it killed him......found him when i got home. guess i'm going to have to put some type of foam around the bottom of it where the intake is so it doesn't happen again in the future. Anyone else ever had that happen to them?

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God that sux!!! :o


Look up ways to mod the AC filter to make it fish safe. Welcome to Nano-Reef, and you will love the 20Long. Im setting up my 2nd one as we speak, and Im totally stoked. I doing an AIO though (All In One) Ive used acrylic to create a false wall with chambers for a filtration system. Ill be tagging along. The star fish is an astrea star btw. The are known to some times munch on zoos (zoanthids and palythoas) so watch out if you purchase any just to be safe ;)

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Thank you for the warm welcome! The filter itself is fine it was the Aquaclear powerhead that killed the fish. It was the top part where the hose goes for the air intake that got him. I've since solved that problem and hopefully when I do get another clown he will not be like his dumb friend.


Anyways my other clown and fiji damsel are still getting along great and thank you for the ID on the starfish! I'll have to read up on it. And I LOVE my 20L, I find it to be the perfect tank for me and what i'd like to keep and stock.


And does anyone have any suggestions on blue legged hermit crabs? They are doing a great job on keeping the tank clean but they tend to kill each other. Had 12 of them but are down 3 so far in 2 weeks.

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