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RCReef's JBJ 28 HQI


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I decided to start up another reef aquarium. This one is a JBJ 28 HQI. I replaced the stock bulb with a Phoenix Hexarc 14,000K Blue. It has the Arctica 1/15 HP mini chiller to keep it cool. I'm actually starting with dry rock for this one (with a piece of very cured live rock to seed coralline). I've never setup a reef tank this way, so it should be interesting. I'm also using 20lbs of live sand to get it started. Going to be a lot of SPS in this one. :D



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Got my cleanup crew from John today. As usual, it's an army. I must admit, I didn't know how much emerald crabs like diatoms. He's been feasting on them non-stop for over 2 hours now.

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I've made some progress on this tank following a setback where a stuck thermostat brought the tank up to 96 degrees. Still has a long way to go, but it's starting to look like something.





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Question about your sand bed. Did you only put 20#s and do like the depth you got. I'm getting a the intermediate version of your tank and I'm trying to decide between 20 or 40#.


Nice tank btw. Hope mine looks that good!

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There is a single 20# bag in it. The substrate is plenty deep for the Orchid Dottyback (The Excavator) to dig in.


I actually pulled the metal halide and it is currently running 8 CREE XP-G Cool White, 8 CREE XT-E Royal Blue, 4 Philips Rebel ES Royal Blue, and 4 Violet UV. The Cool Whites are at 60-70% 1300 mA, the CREE RB's are at 100% 1300 mA, and the Philips RB and the UV are at 100% 650 mA. I've played with some Neutral White, Cyan and Deep Red also. A couple of the Zoa colonies absolutely hated either the Cyan or Deep Red though. They absolutely refused to open at all. 30 minutes after taking them out and replacing them with the Philips RB's and they opened back up. I'm finally happy with the color of the tank and so is everything in it. Just need to do a better job of cleaning the glass and give it some time to fill in. Also, maybe another half dozen Rics. I have the chiller running on it again. Just wish I hadn't turned it off when I went LED and didn't think I needed it any more. Never had a heater failure cook a tank before.



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