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LED Help, Please


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So I have been up in the air about my lighting for my 4.5gal rimless I build. The dimensions are 11x10.5x9.5H. I know I am going with LEDs but that is about as far as I have gotten. If I do a DIY setup or buy a PAR38 it is going to cost about the same. So my question is what do you think would be best? I will be keeping softies, lps, and sps. If I go DIY i am going to do 6 3W lights, 3RB, 2CW, 1red. The set up will look like this. B B



Was probably going to put 60degree optics on. I thought about going with chinese LEDs from ebay but thought better of it since I have not really read many reviews about people doing lights, so I think I will be going with Rapidled. So what is your guys/gals thoughts? If PAR38 is better, which should I go with? Ebay, Tricled, BoostLed, Evils? Any help would be apriciated as the tank will be done cycling in about a week and want to get stuff going.

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