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5 gal tank question


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I started up 5 gal aio tank with no sand, I'm using it for frag tank, mostly Lps and few SPS..


I tested it after 3 days , it looks good , ammanioa is zero nit and phos is also zero, 1024, cal 420, alk 9


I have 2 small rocks in it from my 29g also I put my 1.5 years biocube water ,I took half gallon from my biocube water to 5 gal.


Is it ready to use ?


I plan to do water change every weekend 1 gal <=== is that enough amount of water change?




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I would wait at least a week or two. Granted you have taken everything from established aquariums there still may be some die off that could create a mini cycle. I would check your params every few days and watch for a cycle. Chances are you wont experience one though. As we all know nothing good comes from going to fast in this hobby.


Concerning the water change i think 1 gallon would be a good amount

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