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Newcomer saying hello


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Hy guys, my name is Ciprian , and i am a reef enthusiast from Romania.

I have some experience in pico reefs as i had a pico-reef for 18 months and went from nothing to fully coral crowded. Behind the reef activity i have about 4years of freshwater experience went from two rocks and one plant to Aquascaping , breeding discus and combining Aquascaping with discus, so i thing Ive been through all of the phases :)

Here is a clip of my pico reef and the couple of pictures from it`s evolution that i made last month as a final movie of it:

-> what is the code for embedding?

And here is a picture with it when i did not had the euphilia glued on the side windows



Meanwhile as i made the clip i had a 75gallon tank on cycling, started with dead rock and added some live rock on it so bacteria will start colonizing it.

This reef has a DIY led lamp with 10w leds blue and white, Skimmer Aqua Medic turboflotor 1000 , i am having carbon active from jbl, rowaphoss and some seachem matrix for filtration, also a refugium full of live sand and live rock with couple of macroalgae . All the sump is sustained by a 2500L/h recirculation pump.

Last week i have managed to move all the corals from my pico reef, as everything looked fine, and yesterday i recieved 2 more "guests". A regal tang, that of course made ich because of the stress (he was on the train for more than 12 hours) and a longnose butterflyfish that has some holes in the head :( .

I started to feed them with frozen artemia, and a frozen mixture i have made with shrimps, clams, squid, garlic and some other sea "creatures" that i can`t find the english name :). Decided to stop two of my wavemakers this night so the stress level will be much lower.

Do you guys have any other advise besides the one that recommends to reduce the stress level as much as i can?

The good part on both of the fishes is that they both eat, so that is a good start .... we will see

Yesterday i made a clip of the new aquarium


And further are couple of pictures with the tank and the equipment

The tank:


the sump when all the live rock was in the display :


The lamp


Bean Animal overflow


The Reactors


More pictures will come soon .

i will try to keep this post as a journal so if you guys want to tag along i would be more than happy

Any opinions ideas ore advices are more than welcome .


Regards Ciprian


ps. sorry of my grammar that is not that good, i may have done some mistakes

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