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Buying RO/DI water


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im going to have a 2 gal tank so I was wondering what the average cost for RO/Di water from a lfs would cost..? because a system well the one I was looking at is like 200-300$ thats Big bucks. one day for sure because im all about doing things myself at home and setting everything up nicely and practicaly but I want to know because i need to do a 10% water change a week. second question is Can I store RO/DI water? if I buy 5 gals could I like put it in a big bucket with maybe a power head?


Thank you!

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The LFSs around me sell it for anywhere from 49 cents a gallon to a dollar a gallon. As for storing it, just get a water tight food grade plastic jug and keep it in there, no powerhead or anything.

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10% of 2g a week is like what a cup full.lol. you might be better off just buying a gallon of pre mix saltwater from a reputable lfs.

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