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Biocube 29 Aquascape help


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Recently setup a bc29 and its done cycling however I currently only have about 5lbs or so of fiji. I am going to be adding somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 more lbs and go from there. The problem I'm having is that I have visited my lfs about 3 or so times and left with nothing. I can never picture how it will look in the tank without having it physically there to look at. My lfs (Premium Aquatics) has some really nice manado in stock along with fiji.


I realize I need to be looking for more porous rock (manado) which has almost a finger like look to it where as the fiji is not. The manado would provide enough openings and caves for fish as well as water flow to pass through. The fiji currently in stock looks more like what you would use for base rock with good places to mount corals. The manado is like 90% finger like so I cannot decide. I know this is all preference but just was wondering if anyone could help me out here. Should I mix the two so I have the best of both? Just don't want it to look odd and I trust and value everyones opinions here.


If you have a pic readily available of your bc29 aquascape I would very much appreciate that. I'm going to make my decision tomorrow.....

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This is are old pictures, but fairly accurate.










This is about 33-35 pounds of rock. There's a couple pieces buried under the sand.


I've got a tall arch across the back, with 'shoulders/arms' coming down and towards the front on both sides and a large mushroom shaped rock in the center. That one piece in the front of the mushroom in the top picture is no longer there.

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Atoll scape- scape with large lagoon in the middle with rock making a structure on either side of the lagoon

Island scape- A large island of rock in the middle

Double island scape- Two islands with channel running through the middle

Rock slope scape- Large rock slope running from a high point on the back of the glass to the lowest point near the sand

Corner to corner scape- similar to the Atoll but running from corner to corner

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The manado rock is amazing stuff. I have 26 pounds in my nc28 and is growing the coolest plating maroon vitamins algae. Check out pics in the PA forum here. I made a post about the stuff.

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Thanks for the pics that helps. I wish I had a picture to show you guys what I saw at the LFS today. Wouldn't the fish appreciate the "holiness" of the more so than anything you can make with the fiji? I mean this stuff is really really holy with crevices all over but just more limiting in the amount of usable space for corals however I guess they can really be mounted literally anywhere. hmmmmm

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