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Quick ID help please!


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Hi! I looked in the ID sticky but couldn't find what I was looking for, so here goes. I've recently seen these white, stringy things all over my tank. I can't figure out what they are - they are like little strands of spider silk, or something. Snail eggs perhaps? There are also these sort of hard, tube like structures showing up in one area of the tank. I thought they were just junk, but I touched them once and they are hard. This picture shows both of them. The stringy white web stuff on the left and the hard, tube things just to the right, in front of the coralline.




Thanks for the help!

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Hard to see from that picture but google spionid worm and see if that matches., Id guess they are the cause of both.,., If not then the "spider webs" are probably snail eggs.

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The one on the left looks like a digitate hydroid.


+1 the one on the left flailing with little spikes coming off the strand is a digitate hydroid


Sounds like Vermetid Snails.


+1 to this as well. The web and hard tube you're describing is probably a vermetid snail. I can't make out the tube in the pic but I can see the thin webs and it definitely looks like a typical vermetid web.

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Thanks for the replies! These things are definitely digitate hyroid and vermetid snails. They don't seem to be a major problem, from what I can find on the internet, more an eyesore than anything else. Is that the case or are they actually detrimental to a nano? Any tips on removal?

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Vermetids are annoying because they quickly reproduce and can foul things like your pumps and heaters. Also, there mucus can inhibit coral growth (at least stony corals).


Digitate hydroids are usually harmless.

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