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Biocube 14 reef


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Alright guys so this past summer I decided to get back into reefing. I started with a 10 gallon tank and quickly upgraded to a 20g long. However, I am moving back to college in august, so I decided to downgrade again to a biocube 14 gallon. I stumbled across a sick deal:


DIY rapidLED dimmable solderless lights 14 total

Maxijet 900 upgraded pump

Koralia Nano


InTank media rack


So I immediately hopped on it.


Currently my 20 gallon is fishless because it had ich and now Im stuck with a coral only tank for 3 more weeks which is kinda boring, but oh well. Once the ich goes through its life cycle (or before, who knows), I plan on transferring everything to the BC14, however I want to get it completely set up before I do that. That means, I want to get a few questions answered:


1. I want to get a wavemaker attachment for the out-take pump from the rear chamber. I saw something I think it was called a sea spin, but now that I google it I cant find it.

2. The DIY led lights are dimmable, but only on a single channel. What would I need to buy so that I can hook them up to a controller and have them automatically increase and decrease intensity throughout the day? I also would want to be able to control the whites and blues separately.

3. What is a good, cheap controller for what I am looking for?

4. Does anyone else have a biocube 14 and a good stand for it that they bought somewhere else (Ikea, officemax, etc), if so, can you give me a link?

5. Stocking - I want to keep it really simple. I was thinking a clown and a royal gramma. Or a clown and some sort of goby - looking for suggestions on the goby.

6. Corals - Currently all I have is a ricordea frag, a GSP frag, and a single mushroom head. However, I want this tank to be mostly LPS and ricordeas. I am thinking maybe a split. Rics on the left, LPS on the right. Maybe some zoas thrown in there.


Aquascaping - I want to go with a cove style aquascaping with rocks up to the front wall on the left and right sides, but open sand in the middle. I think I have some good LR to accomplish this, so itll be all good.


Other thoughts - Since seeing my fish die from ich, it gave the pods a chance to really flourish, well more like explode in growth. They're everywhere. I find this very interesting, and would like my tank to be as diversified as possible in such a small space. I want there to be everything in this tank, so I was thinking of maybe buying the pod package from reefcleaners to get some good stuff thriving in the tank. Just a thought.


Im picking up the tank sometime next week so Ill take some pictures then!

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Hopefully picking up tank today or tomorrow. Ill post pics when I get it. Also, if anyone can answer some of my questions that'd be great.

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heres something to help guide you!


and dont ever let people tell you what you can AND CANT do with a bc14!



Full Tank Shot 10-2-11 by J.L Photography, on Flickr



TopShot by J.L Photography, on Flickr



also, do yourself a favor and setup the intank rear basket and throw some chaeto in there, with water changes youll have any reef setup you want!



Damn, real nice tank. Truly inspiring. I got a real nice trumpet coral and either a green or purple tipped (cant quite remember) frogspawn frag today. Ill take pics of those tomorrow.

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