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50 gallon upgrade


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so instead of having two reef tanks going at the same time i decided to go with just one and move my live rock from the cube into a 50 gallon acrylic tank and purchase additional live rock for it.still doing research on the light.im undecided at this moment whether to go with a t5 set-up or leds,but as of late leaning towards t5s but that could change by the end of the month


this is a picture of the tank i plan to use


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its been a bit since i updated this thread.worked on the aquascape which im sure will be changed a few times until im satisfied with the look. plus im waiting to get my t5s from marine depot plus a replacement pump and o-ring for my remora. plus will be getting an additional korallia evolution pump(1050 gph) pic off current aquascape below


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it does doesnt it? I took the pic with my ipod touch. I love the love the shallow tanks. They always look longer than what they are. although i cant wait took get some corals into it im taking my time with it. there is going to be minimal amount of species in it.

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post-75218-1347062939_thumb.jpgthis my 50 gallon with the new aquascape,t5 ho lights and korallia evolution pump. hopefully with the new pump there will be enough circulation.


please excuse the crappy shots i used my ipod plus i accidently uploaded the picture twice. well heres another crappy one this time a close-up



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