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7.5 cube


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7.5 Cube


12x12x12 Diy 5mm glass

Drilled 3/4 inch overflow and return

DIY Concrete aquascape


Diy 24x24x36 stand


DIY Led 7 Cree 2B 1NW 4CW no optics w/ Leit led 4watt bulb Light purple


5.5 gallon fuge/sump w 6inch dsp and Cheato algea

4.5 gallon rubbermaid Live rock bin with 14LB live rock

50 watt heater

Seaclone 100 protein skimmer

385 geoglobal return



DIY Auto top off

2.5 Gallon as resvoir


My plan with this tank

Mixed reef eventually clownfish and anenome


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Got my lrds today and soldered them up.


Yesterday i added 3.5LR, 15 lbs live sand, and cheato ball.


Tank had a leak from my return bulkhead so i took it down got it fixed and went to pour the test water out and OOPS cracked the bottom of the tank.


I had some extra glass and re did the bottom i will leak test and get it drilled tommorow and put back up but here's a pic of leds


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I broke off some coraline rock with a chivel and put it in the top to spread some coraline.


Diatom bloom started two days ago


Will get a hermit and some snails tommorrow to eat the algea


My sump cracked in the bottom due to how I had it setup but I fixed it with silicone and moved it correctly.


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Coral stock plan


note to self full ato top off 2pm saturday

I like how your planing everything out man thats cool. Also it will look amazing when your done

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Yeah I've been playing around with alkalinity and calcium trying to get a consistent dosing before i add corals.

I will put some sps uo top and on some rocks high on my overflow then I'm gonna lps in the middle with some mushrooms leathers and zoathinds on the bottom.


Right now I'm adding about 1ml of alk per day to the system and my alks good But my calcium is still kinda up and down. I think I need to lower it to .75 ml from 1 but this will get figured out this week.




77 degress

sal 1.024

ph 8.1

no3 0.10

no2 0.25


cal 450

alk 185


still a bit of nitrate will probly be good after next weeks water changes and I'll some corals.

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