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Feedback for jcloutie80


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I searched and didn't find a feedback thread for you yet. I have to say this is the BEST seller on Nano-reef!!!!!! My best purchase to date.


I ordered Blue Agaves and Purple People Eaters. They came in extremely healthy. They were packed top-knotch. Jon was VERY generous with the number of polyps. And the corals are gorgeous!!!! A ten out of ten. My highest marks to Jon!!!!!!


Here they are minutes after being placed into my tank. They came 2 day Fed-Ex and did GREAT.



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+10000000000000000000000000. Jon was a great person to do business, so much that I made an unboxing and review video for him with pics and all the galore. So for anyone thinking of jumping the gun with his zoas, don't hesitate!


My video will show exactly what you can expect from start to finish, so look at it guys:



Here's a tease:


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I have to agree. Nice guy. He gave me a bunch of extras. One freebie was probably worth more than everything i bought. I didn't get the zip loc containers. But then again, I picked them up from him directly. Very generous. Hopefully I can return the favor....soon.

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If you are hesitant to buy from Jon don't be. I've had 2 orders from him because a colony of Mean Greens and a few others were rather stubborn and didn't want to play the shipping game. No big deal. We all know how that goes. I told Jon(not expecting anything) and he INSTANTLY and without hesitation told me that another shipment would be on its way the following Tuesday. I just got this shipment and after acclimating/dipping not even 10 mins later all corals are open and looking pretty good. I only bought 4 frags from Jon and I got 6 in this shipment. What a great guy. Really good communication and always willing to help out. He even satisfied my endless need for new pictures every week haha.


I will be buying more zoas from Jon FOR SURE. Buy without hesitation people! You don't know what you are missing!!!

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I ordered from Jon & he was awesome! The polyps I got from him are so sick! Packaging & shipping were top notch. My polyps opened within minutes! I also received a couple extras that were super nice. Thanks Jon!!

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