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My New 24g Aquapod Setup


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Ok its been 3 yrs since my last setup and im back in the hobby. Heres my new setup which I bought from friend who had it in storage. Its an Aquapod 24 gallon, mj1200 return pump, modded hood with 3 pc and 2 fans, d.i.y egg crate media tray,35 lbs of live rock, 20 live sand both from an established tank. My tank its self needs cycling due to it being in storage so I currently dont have any livestock but I do have pods and worms crawling around the live rock when the lights are out its been running a week I tested for the first time today my salinity was 1.025 but I did have a tiny little spike of ammonia and nitrate and 7.8 ph but its common when cycling. Thanks for reading

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